Scott Cornelius



Scott Cornelius

Believe in what you do. Find new ways to enjoy doing it. Respect others. That's pretty solid career advice. One day, maybe I'll consider following it.

I'm always looking for a new approach: a sarcastic statement; a way of relating with others; a way to convey ideas through story, photography, and design. I captivate attention, hold it for a brief moment, and release. It's what I love doing. Like a caged monkey pushing a button for a cookie, I can't seem to stop myself.

A few years into my career, I decided it wasn't enough to enjoy what I did. I wanted to believe in it. So I started focusing on doing work for organizations with messages that aligned with my own sense of purpose. I wanted to help find their voice. A consistent, focused, and positive one. Over time, these brief, memorable moments became relationships between clients and communities. Awareness and importance were born. And voila! Suddenly, I had sense of accomplishment.

Somebody give me a cookie.

Always an artist, design was my first professional love. Years later, photography punched me in the gut and said, "Wanna hang out?" And I'm glad it did. Photography has allowed me the opportunity to span storytelling from a grand, organizational scope, to an individual, personal level. I love the diversity of these unique opportunities. The balance of both keeps me grounded.

I owe a big thanks to the countless and significant talents I've worked with over the years. You've contributed to my own enthusiasm and diversity. Thank you for showing me how stupid my many ideas were and encouraging me with brighter direction. I may not be any smarter because of it, but I look a little smarter. And in the end, that's what really matters, right?

And don't forget all the awards I've won doing it. Fifth grade spelling bee. Beating my sister at arm wrestling. Holding my breath until I count to 30. That's right, dude. Who's the man?

Yeah. I thought so.